Ah, Bath, with its stunning Georgian architecture and picturesque countryside, your patios really go through the wringer, don’t they? One minute, your patio’s basking in the serene English sun, and the next, it’s facing the challenge of sudden showers and the dampness they bring, leaving it looking a bit worse for wear. But fear not! Whether you’re asking yourself, “How do I clean my patio?” or “How can I seal my patio to protect it?”, I’ve got some fantastic news for you.

Introducing the dynamic duo for your patio care: HR Total Power Clean and HR Total Finish Matt Sealer. These two products are your go-to solution for not just cleaning but also protecting your patio from the unpredictable Bath weather. Let’s dive in and see how these products can work wonders on your outdoor space.

HR Total Power Clean: Your First Step to a Pristine Patio In Bath

First up, let’s tackle that age-old question: “How to clean my patio?” The answer lies in the powerful, yet surface-friendly formula of HR Total Power Clean. This patio cleaner is a game-changer for any Bath home, effortlessly lifting dirt, algae, and all manners of grime from your paving stones, leaving them looking as good as new.

Imagine watching years of weather wear and tear washing away with minimal effort on your part. That’s the power of HR Total Power Clean. With just a simple application, your patio can be revitalized, its original color and beauty restored, making it the perfect spot for your next BBQ or garden party.

And Then, Protect It with HR Total Finish Matt Sealer

Once your patio is sparkling clean, you might wonder, “How to seal my patio?” Here’s where HR Total Finish Matt Sealer enters the scene. This patio sealer is specially formulated to not only enhance the appearance of your cleaned patio but also protect it against Bath’s damp climate.

Water and oil-based stains? Not a problem anymore. HR Total Finish Matt Sealer creates a barrier that repels these common culprits, making future cleanups a breeze and extending the life of your patio. The matte finish ensures your patio retains its natural look, subtly elevating its appearance without the gloss.

Unlock the full potential of your patio with Total Power Clean! Say goodbye to algae, black spots, and grime, and hello to a beautifully pristine outdoor oasis. #PatioPerfection

Algae Remover, Patio Cleaner, patio cleaner Bath
Unlock the full potential of your patio with Total Power Clean! Say goodbye to algae, black spots, and grime, and hello to a beautifully pristine outdoor oasis. #PatioPerfection

Why Bath Patios Love HR Products

  • Easy Application: Both products are designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. Easy to apply, they make weekend projects a joy, not a chore.
  • Long-lasting Protection: Bath’s weather can be challenging on outdoor surfaces. These products offer long-lasting protection, ensuring your patio remains in top condition year-round, ready to impress at a moment’s notice.
  • Eco-friendly Choices: Caring for your patio shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. Both HR Total Power Clean and HR Total Finish Matt Sealer are formulated with eco-consciousness in mind, making them safe choices for your home and the planet.
Hr Total Finish Matt sealers working on sandstone. Bath

Q: Can I use these products on any patio surface?
A: Absolutely! Both products are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including Limestone, Sandstone, Porcelain, Block Pavers Brick, Concrete, Paving stones, Quarry Tiles, Ceramics, and Wood.

Q: How often should I reapply HR Total Finish Matt Sealer?
A: For most Bath homes, reapplying every two to three years keeps your patio looking fresh and fully protected. However, this can vary based on your patio’s exposure to foot traffic and weather.

Q: Are these products pet and plant safe?
A: Yes, once dried, both products are safe for pets and plants, making them perfect for homes where outdoor living is a family affair.

Before and After of a cleaned and sealed patio with HR Total Power Clean and HR Total Finish Matt, Bath

Revitalizing your Bath patio doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With HR Total Power Clean and HR Total Finish Matt Sealer, you’re equipped to bring back the beauty of your outdoor space while ensuring it’s protected against whatever the weather throws at it. Whether you choose to buy both or just one, you’re making a smart investment in the longevity and appearance of your patio.