Outdoor Porcelain Patio Cleaning & Sealing

Welcome to the frontier of porcelain maintenance with HR Stone Guard, where our passion for perfection meets your need for pristine porcelain, both outdoors and indoors. Our bespoke collection, featuring our highly acclaimed Porcelain Cleaner and Porcelain Sealer, is the epitome of care tailored for the demands of outdoor porcelain while being equally adept for indoor surfaces. These products are engineered to cleanse deeply and seal meticulously, offering unparalleled protection against the elements and everyday spills, ensuring your porcelain retains its allure and integrity through all seasons.


Porcelain Tile sealed with HR Total Finish Matt, it showcasing it abillity to protect the tile from water and oil based stains by making the water bead on the surface of the tile.

HR Stone Guard

With HR Stone Guard, elevate your porcelain care to a level where luxury and functionality coexist, ensuring your spaces, whether bathed in natural light outdoors or graced by the elegance indoors, remain timeless and inviting. Discover the perfect harmony of indoor and outdoor porcelain maintenance with us and embrace a solution that brings out the best in your surfaces. Using our range of Porcelain cleaning & Sealing products will ensure a excellent clean and fully protected surface every time. 

Future Clean & HR Total Finish Matt

Our Porcelain Cleaner is designed to tackle the toughest outdoor grime without compromising the delicate surface of your indoor porcelain, leaving it spotlessly clean and radiantly finish. Following with our Porcelain Sealer HR Total Finish Matt ensures a protective barrier that is as effective in the serene indoors as it is against the unpredictable outdoors, preserving the porcelain’s beauty and extending its life.