Marble is a popular flooring and tiling material that can enhance the value of your property significantly. No matter what type of property you own, you can design the flooring with high-quality marble. However, to restore its glazing shine and classy appeal, you have to follow a regular maintenance routine and its hard to not get caught out by myths and wife’s tales about marble maintenance.

Get in Touch with a Professional Cleaning Service:

For better assistance in maintaining your marble flooring, you must consult with a trusted service provider. It is better to communicate with professional marble floor cleaning services in Manchester. They have the right kind of expertise and cleaning agents that can restore the appearance of your marble flooring.

Common Myths Regarding Marble Floor Cleaning:

When it comes to cleaning marble floors with professional assistance, homeowners believe in some recurrent myths. We quash them in the following part of this blog through a thorough discussion.

Myth 1: Using Harsh Cleaners Gives More Effective Results

A lot of people tend to assume that harder stains require to be cleaned by difficult chemicals. They use ammonia, vinegar, bleach and other cleaning substances. These are undoubtedly great for removing stains from marble surfaces. However, they take away the natural shine of the floor, too.

Myth 2: Using Tile Cleaner Can Help Remove Stains

While a tile and grout cleaner is readily available in the market, it is still the wrong choice for cleaning marble floors. These are suitable for cleaning porcelain or ceramic tiles. This means the cleaning agents are unsuitable for cleaning the tough stains on marble. Most of these cleaners are alkaline in nature, but some of them might have an acidic nature, which can damage the marble floor significantly.

Myth 3: Marble Cleaning is Useless on Non-Sealed Surfaces

This is another recurrent myth that many homeowners tend to believe. Sealing is undoubtedly one of the vital processes to prevent discolouration. However, this process is not necessary when you have to clean the surface professionally. If your marble flooring surface is porous, you might require sealing. Otherwise, you can go on with the professional cleaning and maintenance routine as planned.

These are some of the myths that people tend to believe regarding professional marble cleaning. As you can see, most of these myths do not have scientific backing and can be removed with proper explanation. To get professional-grade marble floor cleaning services in Manchester, you can contact Hardfloor Restoration. Our team consists of professionals who can ease your marble flooring maintenance tasks. For more information, you can visit our website today.

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