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At HR Stone Guard, we’ve harnessed our passion and expertise to create an unrivaled range of Patio Cleaners, Patio sealers, and solutions designed for all your natural stone and tiled surfaces. Whether it’s revitalizing a garden patio or maintaining the elegance of marble, our products ensure your spaces aren’t just clean; they’re protected and preserved.

Why Choose HR Stone Guard?

Innovative Solutions for Every Challenge
Battling stubborn algae or unsightly black spots on your patio? HR Stone Guard’s specialist Patio Cleaners and Algae Removers are formulated to tackle these challenges head-on, providing a pristine solution for every problem, including cement or grout staining, rust, algae removal, patio cleaning, decking cleaning, oil stains and more. Our Black Spot Remover is particularly effective against those persistent black spots, ensuring your patio remains spotless and inviting.

Professional Grade Sealers for Long-Lasting Protection
Our sealers promise enduring beauty and protection. With a blend of micro-pore technology, HR Stone Guard sealers penetrate deep into the stone. Whether you’re after a natural finish or a wet look, our versatile sealers, including the Patio Cleaner for pre-treatment, cater to your needs, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and defense against the elements.

Versatility at Its Best
From Algae Remover to Black Spot Remover, our range of cleaners and sealers is as versatile as your outdoor needs. Whether it’s a cozy patio, elegant marble, or rugged limestone, HR Stone Guard has got you covered, ensuring your surfaces, from patios to driveways, remain impeccable and free from algae, black spots, dirt or grime.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At HR Stone Guard, excellence is at the core of what we do. Our Patio Cleaner, Algae Remover, and Black Spot Remover are just the beginning. We offer a commitment to not just meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and effectiveness, ensuring the best care for your surfaces.

Explore Our Range

  • Patio Cleaner & Algae Remover: Effective against algae and black spots, our cleaners bring back the beauty of your patio.
  • Deep Cleaner & Grime Remover: For deep-seated dirt and grime, ensuring your surfaces look pristine.
  • Specialty Removers: Tackle oil, rust, iron, or tanning stains with our targeted solutions, including the powerful Black Spot Remover.
Porcelain Tile sealed with HR Total Finish Matt, it showcasing it abillity to protect the tile from water and oil based stains by making the water bead on the surface of the tile.

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Understand who we are: your trusted partner in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your surfaces. Our Patio Cleaner, Algae Remover, and Black Spot Remover are testament to our quality and effectiveness, making us the preferred choice for professionals and homeowners alike.

Ready to transform your patio and stone surfaces? Explore our shop below and discover the best in care and protection. With HR Stone Guard, your surfaces are not just cleaned—they’re cherished and protected for the future.

Before and after view of a sandstone cobble drive cleaned with HR Future Clean and sealed with HR Colour Enhancer.