HR Colour Enhancer (Sealer)


HR Stone Guard Colour Enhancer 100% breathable natural stone, patio and path outdoor impregnating sealer which strongly enhances the natural hues of the stone with deeper, richer, more vibrant colours.

HR Stone Guard Colour Enhancer is a solvent based colour enhancer and impregnater that penetrates into the surface of the stone to strongly protect from staining and heavy soiling.

Our HR Colour Enhancer is perfect for outdoor and indoor use and will offer amazing protection against water and oil based staining, This will make the surface type easier to maintain.

Can be applied to grout pointing, marble, limestone, slate, quarry tiles, sandstone block pavers & most types of masonry surfaces.

Coverage: up to 17m2 per 1L depending on the porosity of the individual surface type.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON NONPOROUS GLAZED SURFACES AND SOME VERY LIGHT KANDLA GREY SANDSTONE. This is due to the light colour of grey sandstone and be very difficult to enhance, normal grey and darker grey are perfectly fine to use with the Colour Enhancer.

Expected Wear Under typical conditions the effect of the impregnation can be considered to have an effect for up to 5 years. Effectiveness and longevity is reliant on initial thorough application, foot traffic and the use of correct maintenance cleaning products.

Download the Safety Data Sheet