HR Total Finish Matt (Sealer) 5L


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Discover the Ultimate Protection with HR Total Finish Matt: The Premier Patio & Natural Stone Sealer

Elevate the longevity and beauty of your outdoor and indoor natural stone surfaces with HR Total Finish Matt, a groundbreaking solution in the world of stone care. This innovative sealer is engineered with advanced micro-pore technology, ensuring your stone surfaces are not just protected but also retain their natural breath-ability.

Why Choose HR Total Finish Matt?

Superior Performance: HR Total Finish Matt stands out in the market with its unique ability to let moisture and water vapour escape from the stone while blocking stains, oil, and grease.
Innovative Technology: Unlike traditional sealants, HR Total Finish Matt does not clog the pores of your stone. It expertly prevents the ingress of water and stains without compromising the stone’s ability to breathe.
Apply on Damp Surfaces: Uniquely, it can be applied directly onto damp surfaces, making it perfect for the unpredictable British weather.
Preserves Natural Beauty: As an invisible sealer, it does not alter the colour or texture of your stone, ensuring your surfaces remain true to their natural aesthetic.

Easy Application for Lasting Protection

HR Total Finish Matt is user-friendly and can be applied directly as supplied, requiring no dilution. It’s suitable for a range of surfaces:

Versatile Surface Compatibility: Ideal for natural stone, slate, marble, terracotta, limestone, granite, and more. Perfect for patios, driveways, walkways, and indoor areas prone to moisture.
Application Guidance: Apply with an airless sprayer, brush, or roller for an even coat. A single coat often suffices, but a second coat maximises protection. The product is designed for use between 5°C and 25°C, ensuring easy application across seasons.

Maximise Your Stone’s Lifespan

Durability: In indoor and lightly trafficked areas, HR Total Finish Matt offers protection for over 10 years, and 5-7 years for external surfaces, depending on the type of stone.
Coverage: Experience exceptional coverage, with 10-30m² per litre, depending on the porosity of the stone.

The Perfect Choice for Every Stone Surface

Whether you’re looking to protect a new patio, rejuvenate an old terrace, or safeguard your kitchen’s natural stone counter-tops, HR Total Finish Matt is your go-to solution. It’s not just a patio sealer; it’s an essential treatment for preserving the integrity and beauty of your stone surfaces.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Surfaces:
– Patios, terraces, and walkways
– Driveways and car parks
– Kitchens, bathrooms, and conservatories
– Suitable for sandstone, limestone, marble, and masonry surfaces

With HR Total Finish Matt, ensure your stone surfaces are impeccably protected against the elements while maintaining their natural charm. It’s more than just a sealer; it’s a promise of durability, aesthetics, and quality care for your stone. Ready to transform your space? Choose HR Total Finish Matt for waterproof, water-repellent, and impregnation sealer needs, and witness the unmatched protection it offers.

Elevate your stone care regimen today with HR Total Finish Matt and enjoy peace of mind knowing your surfaces are shielded for years to come.

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