HR Total Finish Matt (Sealer) 5L


This sealer is one of the best performing sealers on the market today, with a specially formulated blend of micro-pour technology HR Total Finnish Matt allows moisture and water vapour out of the stone, whilst preventing oil, grease and dirt stains from penetrating.

HR Total Finish Matt is not a sealant coating/Topical – all of which work by blocking the capillaries (pores) in the surface stopping the stones from breathing.

HR Total Finish Matt cleverly prevents water, stains, grease, etc., being drawn into the capillaries and pores. but in turn allowing any internal moisture and water vapour to migrate outwards.

What sets our HR Total Finish Matt apart is that it can be applied directly onto damp surfaces.

HR Total Finish Matt is an invisible sealer that doesn’t change the colour or texture of the surface of natural stone, it can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces and provides excellent stain protection, however there are a couple of natural stones that may change shade when sealer is applied so please test a small area before use. Black Limestone will change to a darker shade so please test before use.

This product is not recommended for polished or glassed finishes

How to use

Use as supplied without thinning down, Surfaces should be clean, dry & free from oil, water, grease, dust, laitance and any other deleterious materials. Do not apply in temperatures below 5 oC or above 25 oC and should not be subjected to extremes of temperature until completely dry. It is important to undertake a representative test area to ensure that the product is suitable for your requirements prior to commencement of the project and assessed for final appearance, chemical resistance and wet & dry slip resistance. Previously sealed or waxed surfaces must be completely stripped before application. Apply in single coat ideally using an airless sprayer but application by paint brush, paint pad or roller is also suitable, pour sealer into a paint tub and apply an even coat across the surface not allowing it to pool.

During application care should be taken to protect adjacent areas, equipment, etc., from overspray. The surface should be sectioned off to assist accurate coverage. Apply maintaining a wet edge but do not allow to puddle. Apply sufficient product to keep the surface wet for 5 – 10 minutes, top up as necessary, then wipe off any surplus/excess. Area can take a foot after 1 hour and may be lightly trafficked after 24 hours.
Don’t seal if rain forecasted with in 24hrs.

Second coat is recommended to give the area maximum protection. Remember to always to remove excess and buff the area using a microfiber cloth.


HR Total Finish Matt has amazing coverage over different types of natural stones, coverage is from 10-30m2 per litre range will depend on the stones porosity.

Surface type

Natural Stone and Slate
Marble, Terracotta, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Quarry, Indian Stone, York Stone, Sandstone
Most natural and engineered paving products
Unglazed tiles
Masonry and rendering
Wall and Floor surfaces
Stairs, terraces, pedestrian walkways
Kitchens, conservatories and bathrooms
Driveways, car parks, paths, etc.


Indoors and lightly trafficked areas, with correct maintenance and depending upon surface type the protection is potentially 10+ years. Externally potentially 5 – 7 years, depending upon surface type.

Download the Safety Data Sheet