Imagine your garden greeting you with a stunning patio. Vibrant colors and a gleaming surface await, all protected from the elements. This dream becomes reality with Total Finish Matt, your top choice for patio sealing.

Why Seal Your Patio?

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See the difference for yourself. A patio treated with Total Finish Matt repels water, resists stains, and endures daily life’s wear and tear. Meanwhile, untreated patios fade, stain, and deteriorate. Sealing your patio means protecting it and ensuring it remains a place of beauty and enjoyment for years.

Durability and Beauty Hand in Hand

Total Finish Matt works hard to protect your patio. Its formula leaves a matt finish, enhancing your outdoor space’s natural beauty. This sealer not only acts as a protective shield but also highlights the best features of your patio. Colors stay vivid, and surfaces smooth, just like new. Choose Total Finish Matt for lasting beauty and protection.

Simple Application

Applying Total Finish Matt is easy and hassle-free. Its formula spreads easily and dries quickly. You can enjoy a transformed patio without any complicated steps.

How Often to Apply?

You won’t need to reseal your patio often with Total Finish Matt. Depending on exposure and traffic, applying it every two to three years usually suffices.

Is It Right for Your Patio?

Total Finish Matt suits all patio materials – stone, concrete, or pavers. It provides the perfect finish and protection, ensuring your patio receives the best care.

Total Finish Matt isn’t just a sealer; it’s an investment in your home’s beauty and your lifestyle. Visit Sandstone Supplies UK or Hard Floor Restoration to start your patio transformation today.