Total Power Clean – Patio Cleaner, Algae Remover & Black Spot Remover


Revitalize your patio effortlessly with HR Total Power Clean. This powerful, eco-friendly patio cleaner quickly eliminates black spots, algae, and stains, ensuring pristine outdoor areas with minimal effort. Ideal for various surfaces, it promises fast, effective results. Perfect for quick transformations and lasting cleanliness.

Experience a Revolution of Outdoor Cleaning with HR Total Power Clean – Patio Cleaner

Transform Your Patio, Decking, and Beyond with HR Patio Cleaner

Unlock a pristine outdoor experience with HR Total Power Clean, the ultimate patio cleaner designed for your comfort and efficiency. Whether you’re tackling stubborn black spots, resilient algae, or just general dirt and grime, our product is the one-stop solution for all.

Say Hello to a Spotless Patio

Imagine a patio cleaner so effective that stubborn black spots and green algae vanish almost as quickly as they appeared. With HR Total Power Clean, that imagination turns into reality. Our algae remover isn’t just fast; it’s lightning-fast, delivering visible results swiftly and making patio maintenance a task you’ll love.

Black Spot Remover Extraordinaire

Those daunting black spots that once seemed permanent? Consider them history. HR Total Power Clean is not just a patio cleaner; it’s a powerful black spot remover. With our product, your patio will transform from a spot-riddled surface to an inviting entertainment space.

Algae Remover That Works Wonders

Green might be the color of nature, but when it comes to algae, it’s unwelcome. Our algae remover prowess is unmatched, providing you with a patio free of green tinge and full of glory. A quick application of our patio cleaner, and you can bid farewell to the algae blues.

The Versatile Patio Cleaner

But why stop at patios? HR Total Power Clean extends its magic to decks, pathways, and even garden furniture. This versatile cleaner will rejuvenate any surface, ensuring that your entire outdoor setting mirrors the meticulous care you put into your home.

No More Stubborn Stains

Beyond black spot and algae troubles, general outdoor stains stand no chance against our powerful patio cleaner. From spilled beverages to muddy footprints, HR Total Power Clean tackles it all with its potent formula, restoring your outdoor areas to their pristine condition. It’s the stain remover you’ve been dreaming of, making patio upkeep a simple task.

Eco and Pet-Friendly Solution

Our algae remover isn’t just mighty; it’s mindful. Safe for your pets and kind to the environment, HR Total Power Clean gives you peace of mind. After use, a few hours and a rinse are all it takes to make your outdoor areas pet-friendly again.

Why HR Total Power Clean is Your Go-To Patio Cleaner:

  • A formidable black spot remover, ensuring your patio looks immaculately clean.
  • An algae remover that’s tough on grime but gentle on surfaces.
  • The versatility of this patio cleaner means it’s suitable for a variety of materials.
  • With just an application, scrub, and rinse, your patio is transformed in no time.

For the Perfect Finish:

After using our patio cleaner, consider sealing your clean surfaces with HR Total Finish Matt or HR Colour Enhancer for extended protection and vibrancy. It’s the perfect way to seal the deal on your cleaning efforts.

Join the Patio Cleaner Revolution:

Transform your outdoor cleaning routine with HR Total Power Clean and enjoy a hassle-free, sparkling clean space. It’s more than a patio cleaner; it’s a revolution in outdoor care.

Dive into a world where black spot remover and algae remover are roles mastered by one hero product. Choose HR Total Power Clean—because your patio is the stage for life’s best moments, and it deserves to shine.

Ready to reclaim the beauty of your outdoor space? Get your hands on HR Total Power Clean today and see the transformation for yourself!

Achieve Flawlessly Clean Outdoor Spaces in Just Four Steps

  1. Preparation: Begin with a clean slate by clearing furniture and debris.
  2. Application: Tailor your cleaning with our dilution and application guidelines based on staining severity.
  3. Action Time: Let the solution work its magic, maintaining moisture for optimal dirt and stain lifting.
  4. Rinse and Admire: Conclude with a thorough rinse to reveal beautifully renewed surfaces.

Sealing Options

Click Here – HR Total Finish Matt
Click Here – HR Colour Enhnacer

Transform Your Outdoors – Get HR Total Power Clean Now

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Safety First: Always prioritize personal protection during application and conduct a compatibility test on a small area. Follow all safety guidelines for the best outcomes.

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