Many individuals choose stone flooring since it is a durable option. However, there is a great disadvantage of stone flooring—etching. Most of us believe that stone etching is merely a stain. However, it’s more than that. If you come across etching on your stone floor, get in touch with top-rated firms offering stone floor cleaning services in Manchester. This blog throws light on the concept of stone etching and how it can be prevented.

LimestoneEtch Mark. restored Limestone floor
A beautiful Before and after of an etch mark/stain removed from this Stunning Limestone floor.

Stone Etching: What Is It?

Etching is surface damage that arises when an acid reacts with certain chemicals, especially the calcium carbonate present in soft stones. When the acid makes contact with the slate floor, it dissolves the calcite in the stone. Over time, the acid deteriorates the condition of the stone surface and causes marks, rings, or dull spots on the floor. Etching is more prevalent in stone surfaces like limestone, marble, onyx, and travertine.

Tips for Protecting Your Stone Floor from Etching

There are certain measures which you should adopt to protect your stone floor from etching:

  1. Don’t spill acidic products on the floor: In most cases, stone floor etching is caused by acidic products like tomato sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, and wine. It’s better to avoid dealing with these products while operating on stone floors. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to follow this guideline every time. So, adopt safety measures focusing on the condition of stone floors.
  2. Address splatters and spills immediately: Most individuals don’t have an idea of how spills and splatters affect stone floors. If any of these incidents happen, address them immediately. If you take the necessary actions, the etching won’t be noticeable. Usually, experts recommend cleaning the stone floors with a neutral pH cleaner for desired outcomes.
  3. Choose a cutting board with a well: It is an excellent approach to prevent liquids from spilling on the floor. What is unique about these boards is they have a built-in channel that collects liquids. This way, you ensure the liquids won’t make contact with your stone floor.

It’s always better to incorporate preventive measures rather than being sorry. By following the above tips, you enhance the lifespan of stone floors and preserve their look.

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