Marble is an aesthetically beautiful flooring option which worth every penny. Have you decided to invest lavishly for a complete marble flooring for your home? Once the same has been finished, you’ll glow with pride at the outcome. They are shiny, beautiful and elegantly textured. A simple marble floor can increase the value of your home instantly. 

However, if you have marble floors, you must follow a few things strictly. Firstly always hire professionals for marble floor cleaning services. You’ll come across many professional companies offering marble floor cleaning services in Manchester. They have professional cleaning materials that will help to restore the glow forever. 

Ensure you avoid a few things to mishandle the marble floors. 

Five things to avoid for marble floor

  • Stop Using Chemically Abrasive Cleaners 

Abrasive cleaners loaded with chemical solutions are harmful to the marble. It deteriorates the glow of the floor. Again, stop using steel wool pads or any such substances on the floor so that you do not damage the floor’s texture. 

  • Stop Dragging Furniture 

Ensure you keep large pieces of furniture, like wardrobes, dining tables, or pianos, across the marble floors. This will result in scratches, dents and cracks. Make sure you add a protective layer of carpet over the floor if you plan to relocate any furniture piece. A cracked or scratched marble cannot be repaired. 

  • Do not Keep Spills Unattended 

Did you accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your white marble floor? This can happen with anyone. However, you must attend to the same immediately. Make sure you clean up the mess quickly at least with a wet mop so that the area on the floor doesn’t get stained. 

  • Avoid Using Lukewarm Water 

Many people think using hot water for moping is a boon. It certainly is because it helps remove dust and dirt from the floor. However, using warm water for the marble floors can deteriorate the quality. You should use normal water for the cleaning purpose. 

  • Try Using pH based Cleaning Solutions

Marble floors need a gentle wash. Make sure that you use pH-based solutions when you buy the same from the market for cleaning. This will lift the dirt without damaging the texture of the marble.

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