Marble is a natural, elegant stone that makes any living space look classy and clean. However, marble can look dull if it is scratched or etched. If your marble floor has scratches, you must proactively address the issue. 

The best option is hiring a company that offers marble floor cleaning services in Manchester. Certain strategies must be followed when dealing with scratches on marble floors.

Why Does Marble Floors Get Scratches?

Marble is softer than other natural stones. Hence, it is prone to scratches. These floors get scratched because of these reasons:

  1. Acidic cleaning solutions
  2. Dragging furniture around
  3. Accidents
  4. Shoes like heels

Tips to Remove Scratches from Marble Surfaces

Let’s explore the strategies to eliminate scratches from marble floors:

  • Clean the scratch: Get a soft cloth and mix mild soap and water. Then, use this mixture to remove the scratch from your marble. Apply the solution right on the scratch with the cloth. You must ensure that the cloth is damp and not drenched. Rinse the area clean with warm water using a different soft cloth. 
  • Buff out the surface: You can purchase buffing sets to remove scratches on marble floors. Alternatively, you can use a soft, dry cloth with warm water. Buff out the scratch in a gentle circle motion until you see a shine through the marble. This method is suitable for minor scratches. For deeper scratches, you can use fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool. Move the wool or paper steadily to eliminate the scratch. Then, sand the surface and wipe off any debris with a damp, soft cloth.
  • Marble polish application: Scratched marble can be restored to its shine with polish. For the best results, apply marble polish to fill in and even out scratches. You can get marble polishes in two forms: a liquid and a powder that can be used for buffing and polishing.
  • Sealing your marble floor: A protective layer of synthetic sealant plays a significant role in protecting your marble. Hence, you should apply a marble seal following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure the sealant is dried before applying it to the marble floor.

By following these strategies, you can preserve the essence of your marble floors for years to come.