Marble floors have an elegant look that enhances the look and feel of your interior space. But you have to maintain the marble floors if you want to retain their stylistic quality. Manchester’s marble cleaning companies implement high-end tools and execute the task quickly.

How Often Should You Clean Marble Floors

Loose dirt and dust can harm marble floors. They result in scratches that diminish its essence. These scratches also allow stains to enter the marble floor. Hence, cleaning the marble floors at least once a week is recommended. 

What Strategies Should You Adopt for Cleaning Marble Floors?

Marble floor cleaning isn’t a big deal if you know the tactics. When cleaning marble floors, you require a mop bucket and microfibre cloths. Below are some of the strategies you should implement to revive the appearance of marble floors:

  1. Clean up spills instantly: You should immediately act when food or liquid spills on the marble floor. A proactive approach is necessary on your part. In this case, you can use a protective sealant to remove acidic messes like soft drinks or fruit juices from etching. You must remove the muddy footprints immediately and prevent the grit from affecting the marble.
  2. Trap dirt and dust: A dry dust mop is the best accessory for trapping loose dirt and dust on a marble floor. However, you mustn’t use any dusting spray on the mop. A marble floor must be dry-dusted weekly if one individual resides in the house. 
  3. Use a sealer: You should apply a sealer on your marble floor after every 3-6 months. A good sealer fills the natural pores and protects the marble floors from stains. A sealer also prevents other particles from penetrating the marble floor.

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