Transforming and protecting your patio has never been easier with HR Colour Enhancer. As the leading choice for a patio sealer, it not only enhances the natural beauty of your stone but also provides advanced protection from within. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to apply and use this exceptional patio sealer for lasting results.

Preparation is Key:

  1. Clean Your Patio: Start with a clean slate. Ensure your patio is free from dirt, debris, and any old sealant. A thorough cleaning will allow HR Colour Enhancer to penetrate deeply, providing the best protection and color enhancement.
  2. Address Repairs: Inspect for and mend any damage such as cracks or chips. A smooth surface ensures an even application of the patio sealer.
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Applying HR Colour Enhancer:

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Transform and Protect: Discover the power of HR Colour Enhancer for your stone surfaces.”
  1. Patch Test: Always conduct a small test on a hidden area to ensure compatibility and satisfaction with the color enhancement.
  2. Shake it Up: Vigorously shake the container of HR Colour Enhancer to mix the sealer properly before use.
  3. Even Application: Use a brush, roller, or low-pressure sprayer to apply the sealer evenly across your patio. For larger areas, work in sections to avoid missing any spots.
  4. Apply a Second Coat if Needed: Highly porous surfaces might require a second coat for optimal protection. Allow at least 2 hours between coats for proper absorption.
  5. Remove Excess: After application, remove any excess sealer with a dry cloth to avoid pooling and ensure a uniform finish.

Drying and Curing:

  • Touch Dry: HR Colour Enhancer will be touch dry within 2 hours, though this can vary based on weather conditions.
  • Fully Cured: Give the sealer 24 hours to fully cure for maximum protection. Keep the patio free from heavy traffic and water during this time.

Maintaining Your Sealed Patio:

  • Regular cleaning with a pH-neutral cleaner will help maintain the integrity and appearance of the sealer and your patio.
  • Periodic reapplication of HR Colour Enhancer may be necessary, especially in high-traffic areas or those exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Why Seal Your Patio?

Sealing your patio with a high-quality product like HR Colour Enhancer not only brings out the vibrant colors of your stone but also provides essential protection against staining, weathering, and wear. Understanding how to seal a patio correctly ensures your outdoor space remains a beautiful and durable extension of your home.

Sandstone sealed with HR Total Finish Matt sealer. Aberdeen

Ready to Protect and Enhance Your Patio?

With HR Colour Enhancer, achieving a professionally sealed patio is straightforward. Following this how to guide on how to use the HR Colour Enhancer patio sealer will ensure your outdoor space remains vibrant and well-protected for years to come. Whether you’re dealing with sandstone, limestone, or any other stone type, HR Colour Enhancer is your go-to solution for superior patio protection and enhancement.

Ready to Transform Your Patio?

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With the right care and HR Colour Enhancer, your patio can become a lasting testament to beauty and protection. Whether it’s sandstone, limestone, or another stone type, ensure it stands the test of time with the ultimate patio sealer.

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Radiant sandstone patio rejuvenated and protected by HR Stone Guard's care products, showcasing vibrant colors and textures with a durable, weather-resistant finish.

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